Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy Ayr - Ayrshire Bowen therapist
Bowen therapy is a gentle form of body work in which subtle moves performed over the muscles and connective tissue send messages deep into the body, retrieving cellular memory of a relaxed, balanced way of well-being.

Bowen therapy moves are light, gentle and very precise. There is no forceful manipulation. The practitioner is able to discern stress build-up in the muscles and other soft-tissue, enabling them to perform specific Bowen moves to assist recovery and pain relief.

Bowen therapy was founded in Australia by the late Tom Bowen, who discovered that making small and gentle movements on strategic points in the body generated an integrated healing response. You can see photos of some of these movements below. It is suitable for the newborn through to the elderly and stunning results can often be observed after only a few treatments; even for chronic complaints.

In a Bowen treatment, the therapist is acting as a facilitator in a dialogue with the body, providing the body with information through small and gentle movements over muscle and tendon fibres, and the underlying fascia. It is the body itself that remarkably decides what needs the most urgent healing attention. The body, knowing how it should 'be' and how it should 'feel'. During the treatment, a Bowen therapist will make a series of moves and will then leave the room in order to allow the body to make use of the information given to it, and for the generated energy to flow.

Important Information On the day of treatment (and subsequently), be sure to drink plenty of water.