Our Studio


We have a small but well equipped gym which is well used by our personal trainers and therapists as well as our members. There is a good range of cardio and resistance equipment as well as floor space for core work and stretching.

Fitness Studio

The fitness studio has a sprung floor and mirrored walls, suitable for our wide range of fitness classes; as well as being used by our personal trainers. We have a number of spin bikes, barbell equipment and kettlebells.

Treatment Rooms

There are two treatment rooms; one used by the physiotherapist with a plinth for examination and treatment, as well as ultrasound equipment. The other treatment room is used for massage therapy. Both rooms are roomy and ambient and well equipped for all treatment modalities.

Rehabilitation Gym

Our rehabilitation gym equipped with treadmill, cross trainer, Concept II rowers and an exercise bike. The gym is fully equipped with cable machines dumbbells kettlebells and TRX machines.